New book: Faronell’s Division on a Ground for keyboard-instruments and castanets

As engravings of dancers in the 17th and 18th century show, castanets completed the performances of many different dances, but most of all of course, the so called “Spanish” dances like chaconne, sarabande – or especially: the folies d’Espagne.

But in contrast to their musical partitions the castanet parts never were transmitted. Was it, because not musicians and percussionists, but dancers played this percussion instrument (and these two guilds often had problems in cooperating)? Was it the improvising character of the castanet part, which forbid to note it down? Or were they simply too small and well hidden in the castanet player’s hands, to be noticed as a “real” and serious instrument?

Researching in historical sources as Marin Mersenne’s “Harmonie Universelle” (1636) and Raoul-Auger Feuillet’s “Chorégraphie …” (1700) the present edition wants to offer a castanet part, which combines “French” historical with traditional “Spanish” technique. A castanet part, where castanets are more than dance rhythm underlining little woods, but “serious”, independent music instruments, and where the principles of a fixed composition of high technical challenge meet with the light character of an improvisation. It can be performed by dancers to Feuillet’s “Folie d’Espagne pour une femme” (Part II with application of arm mouvements to this castanet part will be published soon) or, as we want to show in this Part I, also by percussionists or concert castanet players. Reminding Mersenne’s words: “Although the castanets […] only have one single sound, one can nevertheless perform concerts with them…”

Arr. by Helmut M. Timpelan and Evelyn JL Puefken

1. Evelyn J.L. Puefken and Timpelan, Helmut M.
o The original solo violin arranged for keyboard-instruments by Helmut Timpelan with a composed castanet part by Evelyn JL Puefken
o Duration: ca. 8'00".
o Containing: Partition and separate castanet part, preface and basic explanation of notation and fingering of the castanet part (in german language)
o Volume: 14 p. , 21 x 29 cm
o Published by © timpelan-puefken, 2010
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