Grand Ball of the Unità d'Italia

Grand Ball of Unità d'Italia

Piazza dei Cavalieri
in 'Giugno Pisano' organized by Comune di Pisa

for 150 years of the Unità d'Italia
Reconstrution of a 19th century ball
Quadrille, waltz, mazurka, marsch and contredance
in 19th century dress

The dancers of Società di Danza, in nineteenth-century ball gown, dance according to the style of the masters of time quadrille, contredaces, waltzes, mazurkas, marches, and galop. The dances are reconstructed based on the study of the manuals of the nineteenth century European dance, and performed on music by Verdi and Strauss.
The ball takes place in one of the most beautiful squares of Pisa, under the Palace of Carovana, site of the 'Scuola Normale Superiore' and the Cosimo I de' Medici statue, the Church of Cavalieri di S. Stefano, the Palace of the Orologio (or Torre della Muda of the conte Ugolino), the 17th century Palace of Priori, cthe church of S Rocco.
The Grand Ball of the Unification of Italy celebrates the anniversary of 150 years of the Unification of Italy, with a tribute to the history and founding valuesof the unifying spirit of the Italians. Reproduces the atmosphere of nineteenth-century dance, as they were organized in Italy by the patriots and citizens in the celebrations of the successes and achievements of the Risorgimento fight.




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