Pilar Montoya

Multifaceted artist born in Zaragoza. She studied piano with M. Pesci and graduated as a teacher. At the same time she got the Diploma in Singing with P. Andrés and also studied Chemistry at the University of Zaragoza. She commenced her studies of Early Music with J.L. González Uriol achieving the Higher Certificate of Harpsichord and Organ with Honours.

With a grant from the Provincial Council of Zaragoza and later from the “Commission Federale des Bourses pour étudiants strangers” of the Swiss Government, she furthered her studies in the “Schola Cantorum Basiliensis” where she studied Thorough Bass and Chamber Music (J. Christensen), Singing (R. Jacobs and R. Levitt), Conducting (H. Martin Linde), Historical Dance (E: Schneiter) and Baroque Gesture (S. Weller). At the same time she studied Harpsichord and Clavichord with I. Wjuniski in Paris, completing her studies with the First Prize in Harpsichord.

She has participated in numerous international courses of music and early dance (B. van Asperen, K. Gilbert, J. Ogg, A. Yepes, B. Sparti, B. Massin, etc.) and has attended the International Harpsichord Symposium held in Utrecht.

Her concert performances are frequent all over Europe, be it as soloist, as member of an orchestra or chamber music groups or as conductor. She has participated in many recordings.

She combines her profession in music with her other facet as historical dancer of the main styles from the Italian Renaissance (B. Sparti and L. Baert), Spanish Baroque (Mª José Ruiz), French Baroque (A. Yepes, B. del Valle, B. Gertsch, S. T’Hooft, J. Schrape, J. Voss, F. Denieau, C. Gracio Moura and B. Massin) up to the Bolera school of the end of the 18th century (G. Schwabl y M. León). She has collaborated with the professional companies of early dance, “Corpo Barocco” and “Esquivel” directed by S. T’Hooft and Mª José Ruiz in diverse projects which have been very well received by both public and critics alike and among which we could highlight “Il Ballo delle Ingrate” (C. Monteverdi), “Il Pastor Fido” (C. Monteverdi and B. Marini) in the theatre of Basel under the musical direction of A. Rooley, “Cierta y Galana” in the courtyard of the Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial in the commemoration of Felipe II and “Amor y Desamor”, spectacle that she herself created and directed. At the same time, she is profoundly interested in the study of original sources and is now working on her Doctoral Thesis “La Danza en la Corte de Felipe V” under the direction of Begoña Lolo. (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). She also founded the historical dance company “Los Comediantes del Arte” with whom it has offered six shows and has been invited to give courses and lectures on early music and dance in Conservatories, Universities and other Institutions.

She has been a member of the Musical Pedagogy team of the Diputación General de Aragón directed by María Angeles Cosculluela.

At present she is Professor of Harpsichord and Clavichord, Head of Department of Early Music and Artistic Director of the Baroque Orchestra at Conservatorio Superior de Salamanca and President of the Spanish Association of Early Music and Dance (AEMDA).

Pilar Montoya

+34 629 72 88 85
Av Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 26. 4º-2ª
50018 Zaragoza