American 19th century dance music concert/ball

The ballroom orchestra of Il Teatro della Memoria in a program of 19th century american dance music - Audience welcome to dance

The concert will present some of the compositions that obtained greatest popularity in U.S. ballrooms during the 19th Century, as attested by dance manuals and instrumental editions that survive in American libraries. The program features composers such as Arthur Sullivan, Scott Joplin and John Philipp Sousa besides others less known but likewise meaningful artists. The orchestra – a «variable geometry» ensemble ranging from four to twelve instruments – will appear in a basic formation with Fabio Consiglio (violin), Yvonne Fisher (clarinet), Paolo Tagliapietra (pianoforte) and Andrea Toschi (bassoon).

Because of the Carnival season, a special musical afternoon will be offered: everybody in the house – including those without previous dance experience – will have an opportunity to join the dances and learn the steps under the guidance of the masters of Il Teatro della Memoria.

5 february 2012 h. 18,00 - Sala Concerti SPMT
Ex Mattatoio di Testaccio - Piazza Giustiniani 4a – Roma (Italy)
Info: tel. (+39) 328-3645555

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Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio

Piazza Giustiniani 4/a


(+39) 328-3645555
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(+39) 328-3645555
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