500 years of dance. Historical dance little festival

Join us for a journey through time and space to discover the origins of modern dancing. We will visit ballrooms of the fashion capitals of their time and experience elegance and style of previous epochs. Dance and travel with us!

Your guides during the day are Gaita, Les Danses Antiques and The Fly Right Dance Company

10:00-11:30  British Renaissance for breakfast

Dance from the time of Richard III - 15th century English dances from the Gresley Manuscript (with live music)

11:45-13:15   French Baroque for lunch

Taste the French elegance with gracious Minuet and La Bourree

14:30– 16:00   Italian Renaissance for High Tea

Dance in the Italian fashion - around 1600 (with live music)

16:45 – 18:15   Victorian Era for dinner*

Rise and fall of the French Quadrille

18:30 -20:00   Ragtime Era for supper*

The New World is waiting for you! Click your heels with the Castle Walk, Animal Dances and Original Fox-Trot

The first 3 workshops will be at 1F1 25 Haddington Place. The last two (that are highlited with *) will be at 14 Royal Terrace. Both places are 10min walk from each other and the city center.

Each workshop costs £5 or you can pay £20 and attend the whole day. Tea/coffee and bisquits will be provided during the breaks. You can also bring your own lunch with you or alternatively there are plenty of cafes nearby.


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EH17 7NA Edinburgh
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