Le Grand Bal Masquè, Palazzo Brancaccio, Rome

Le Gran Bal Masquè

Società di Danza

Palazzo Brancaccio, Roma, I


Sunday 9 Febrauary 2014 h. 15

Palazzo Brancaccio Viale del Monte Oppio, 7, Roma

Entrance by invitation

19th century ball with quadrilles, waltzed, polka, mazurka, contredanses.

The association Società di Danza founded in 1991 by Fabio Mòllica and active in about thirty cities in Italy, and in Rome since 2002, organizes a reconstruction of a 19th century ball in the historical Palazzo Brancaccio.

Quadrille, Waltz, Contredanse, Polka, Mazurka.


For further information contact:

Società di Danza www.societadidanza.it info@societadidanza.it




Cultural society directed by Fabio Mòllica Nineteenth Century Dance School "Società di Danza" is a Federation of 'Circoli', groups and individuals that agree... read more