Waverley Ball

The popularity of the historical novels of Sir Walter Scott (a contemporary and favourable reviewer of Jane Austen) gave rise to costumed balls to which guests would come dressed as characters from his novels (his first in 1814 entitled ‘Waverley’) and groups of friends would try and costume to the same theme for the opening quadrille. Soon any historical dress was acceptable and Waverley balls were even being held in Australia and New Zealand.

Let’s revive the glory! Any dress from the Medieval to Georgian era, or something Regency, Scottish or from the 1840s (the height of the craze) will be equally appropriate. The evening will feature dances from the 1820s-40s (as previewed in daytime workshops), a dinner break, a desert break, a costume parade, prizes, displays and lots of farewell fun!

Calling is in English by John Gardiner-Garden. Daytime dance classes offered at http://janeaustenfestival.com/program/

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