Tre sguardi sul Rinascimento

Quattrocento and Cinquecento as seen by Lieven Baert, Claudia Celi and Bruna Gondoni

Organized by Associazione 8cento in Bologna, the series Tre sguardi sul Rinascimento features three weekends of workshops and performance-demonstrations devoted to the choreutic repertories of the Renaissance. The series will start on 24-25 October with dances of the Quattrocento taught by Lieven Baert, continuing on 16-17  January 2016 with Claudia Celi and the dances of the Cinquecento. The last rendezvous will be on 12-13 March featuring Bruna Gondoni with dances from both Quattrocento and Cinquecento. Performance-demonstrations by the teachers will be presented on Saturday evenings at Museo Civico Medievale.


Info in Italian:

Palestra Scuole Irnerio

via Mura di Porta Galliera 1/a


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