Der Workshop beginnt am Donnerstag um 14 Uhr und endet am Samstag um 13 Uhr.


The Workshop starting Thursday afternoon until Saturday morning.

An opportunity for early dance lovers to attend an intensive course covering dances from the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Regency styles, and leading to a wonderful costumed ball at the Kammermusiksaal in historical Schwetzing Castle.



Renaissance: Bizzaria D´Amore und Valentine´s Day

Barock: Valentine´s Day, Menuet anglois and Lilli Bulero

Empire: Walzerquadrille, Scottish Waltz Fledermausquadrille


Ricardo Barros - Born in Brazil but based in England for most of his life, Ricardo trained as a musician before falling in love with historical dances. He is an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music and his Doctoral thesis „Dance as a Discourse“ is available worldwide. He directs Mercurius Company, is a guest teacher for I Danzatori Palatini and performs and run courses in England, Holland, Italy, France and Brazil amongst others.

Schwetzingen, Bassermannhaus

Marstallstr. 50
68723 Schwetzingen


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