Amongst Mouvements & Retakes

An unique, intense course for Baroque musicians (strings, wind and continuo) and Baroque dancers. The advanced course will focus on the intrinsic relation between mouvements (plié and elévé) and retakes in violin bowing technique (according to Lullian principles).

The course will aim to explore and propose a dialogue between dancers and musicians, showing it is possible to achieve a certain degree of elasticity in the phrasing (contrary to rigid current practices) as performers observe the most basic choreomusical element that unites them: the interaction between retakes and mouvements.

A total of 32hrs for dancers and 26hrs for musicians, of which 10hrs will be joint choreomusical exploration.

Fees: £200 (non-residential)

Limited places. Book by Monday 12th December, by email to

Royal Academy of Dance

Battersea Square
SW11 3RA London
United Kingdom


01803 320026
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01803 320026
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