Grand Ball in Berlin

Grand Ball in Berlin   Società di Danza  Friday 28.7.2016     Ballhaus Pankow, Grabbealle 51-53, Berlin     19th century Grand Ball organised by Società di Danza,  open to 19th century dance groups.     Dress code: 19th century ball dress.     Dance Program: Spanish Watz, Caroussel March, French Quadrille, Waltz Flammen, Mazurka Annina, Pas de trois, Waltz Simpaty, Mazurka Hertz in hertz, Heimats Kinder, Polka Roma, Quadrille The Lancers, Rinka, March Risorgimentale, Waltz 'Le Onde', Hungarian March, Les Variétés Parisiennes, Nice to see you, Flowers' Waltz, Waltz Country dance, Galop     Rehearsal on Thursday 27.7.2017, h.18.      For details and further information write:




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