Baroque dance workshop with Robert Le Nuz

Historical dance workshop will focuse on reconstruction of Sarabande d'Issé, theatrical dance for a couple (man and woman). Among different versions of this choreography of sarabande à deux, extract from Issé by Destouches, we have chosen to work on the choreography created by Mr. Pécour and notated by Mr. Gaudrau (1713).

As a couple dance it offers the whole range of patterns, steps, arm movements, and expression that two dancers could wish for and it is set to a beautiful, lingering melody. This example of dance in french baroque style develops a very strong relation to space, involving reflexion over intimate space in between the two dancers.

Having worked this piece with the late Françoise Denieau and danced it many times on stage, will allow me to guide students through the richness and subtlety of every step and to reveal their unique taste connected to this music. In order to create a personal version for each couple of dancers, we will search for inner dynamics related to steps, specific and precise arm expression, and full embodiment of the music.

We will also pay a particular attention to our bodies and their anatomy. Every day will be partly focused on funcional analysis of dance to find the essence of the « plié » coordination, to build the support of the spine, or to experiment arm and shoulder girdle mobility as a base for dialogue and relation in dance. Many visual supports and somatic explorations will provide material for this body awareness necessary for dance

Language of the workshop - English/French.

Workshop outline:
1) 3 hrs - baroque dance training (1,5 hr - baroque "warming up" / 1,5 hr - choreography)
2) 1,5 hr - pause - lunch
3) 3 hrs - baroque dance training (1,5 hr - funcional anatomy etc. / 1,5 - choreography)

Workshop is intended for intermediate level, dancers should be familiar with steps of "la belle danse".

The tuition fee: 3000,- CZK (accomodation not included)
Registration deadline: 30 January 2017
Registration form:
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