27th EASTER SCHOOL of 19th CENTURY SOCIAL DANCE and Scottish Country Dance

27th Easter School of 19th century dance and Scottish Country Dance - Società di Danza

Friday, 19 April  - Monday 22 April 2019

Castel San Pietro (Bologna), Italy

Società di Danza

Director: F. Mòllica, S. Balsamo

With the participation as guest teacher of Mervyn Short (RSCDS)

Live music for Scottish Country Dance classes and Scottish Party by Ian Robertson (violin) and Andrew Nolan (piano)

The traditional Easter School of the Società di Danza this year will be in Castel San Pietro (Bo).

In a beautiful environment, we will have the opportunity to spend a few days of communuty life, and to study more in depth theoretical and practical aspects of 19 Century dance.


Program: social dance of 19th century tradition.

Quadrilles, Scottish Country Dance, Contredanse Francaise, Waltz, Polka, Mazurka and March.

The classes will be divided into Turner levels. 

Classes and seminars will be held both morning and afternoon.

The evenings will be devoted to parties.

Staying at the Hotel Castello.

From Friday evening at dinner to Monday morning at lunch.





Friday, 19.4.2019

Afetrnoon: arrival

Evening: Theoretical seminar: 19th century dance in today’s life


Saturday, 20.4.2019

Morning: Classes of Quadrille, Scottish Country Dance, Waltz

Afternoon: Classes of Mazurka, Scottish Country Dance, Contradanse Francaise

Seminar: history and the experience of the Royal Scottish Country Dance

Evening: Party of 19th century dance


Sunday, 21.4.2019

Morning: Classes of Quadrille, Scottish Country Dance, Mazurka

Afternoon: Classes of Waltz, Scottish Country Dance, Polka

Seminar: etiquette and ball organization rules  

Evening: Party of Scottish Country Dance


Monday 22.4.2019

Morning: Classes of Quadrille, Scottish Country Dance, Mazurka and Polka

      Farewell Party


For further information contact: Società di Danza

info@societadidanza.it      -      www.societadidanza.it

Catel San Pietro (Bo)



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