Jane Austen Ball

Ladies and Gentleman,   Jane Austen School of Dance has the honor to invite you to II Jane Austen Ball, that will take place on 27th of April 2019 in Grand Hotel (Sławkowska 5 street, Kraków). At 17.00 we shall begin a great dance event in the spirit of XIX century balls of European aristocracy. During the event we will go back to the times of Jane Austen - that is to the turn of XVIII and XIX century - and together we will recreate the world of novels such as "Pride and Prejudice" or "Sense and Sensibility".   II Jane Austen Ball will be a historical ball, so we kindly ask all the guests to follow the dress code: formal ball attire according to 1791-1817 fashion (years of Jane Austen's literary activity). We do offer our help with finding such attire, should it be needed. On the agenda we'll have dances popular during Jane's life: known and loved contredances, dancing challenges for the more advanced guests as well as a few characteristic polish court dances. Available for guests will be a big ballroom, games room, balcony, photography atelier, restaurant, dressing room and cloakroom. During the ball a warm dinner will be provided (included in the price of the ticket).   To sign up please send a mail to the following address: baljaneausten@gmail.com All information regarding payment and any other relevant information will be given in a return email.   Prices Before 12th of February 170 zł (40€) - normal ticket 150 zł (35€) - workshop attendees, groups over 5 people or foreigners   Between 12th of February and 1st of April 190 zł (45€) - normal ticket 170 zł (40€) - workshop attendees, groups over 5 people or foreigners   After 1st of April - contact the organizers.   Information regarding payment methods will be given out exclusively by the organizers, Jane Austen School of Dance.   Ticket availability is limited, do not miss your chance!   You will find more information, including a dance list and pre-ball workshops on our Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/734011943652637/

Grand Hotel Kraków

Sławkowska 5/7
31-014 Kraków


+48 692 157 445
Gertrudy 4
31-046 Kraków