Call for papers: Early Dance Circle biennial conference

Call for papers: BIENNIAL CONFERENCE 2020

Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd May

St Katharine’s, Parmoor, Frieth RG9 6NN (near High Wycombe)

Retrieving & Reconstructing the Past through Dance

Speakers might like to consider exploring the following topics, among any others of your choice:


  • What do these dances tell us about the society in which they were performed?
  • What do conflict/war-like dances tell us? Do they betray a bellicose society, or  did they serve some other purpose?
  • What do pastoral dances reveal? A search for an idyllic dream? Or a more relaxed society?
  • What can we learn from ballet narratives about society?
  • Do dance reconstructions indeed tell us anything about the past, or are they too     biased by our present world view, or by our own dance practices?
  • What does a move from the highly stylised French court dance to contredances reveal about French society?
  • What does the introduction of English Country Dances at the Jacobean court tell us     about English society?
  • What does the sharing and migration of dance styles between countries tell us?
  • Does the re-enactment of historical dance influence our understanding of the past?


are very welcome, and they should include a short introductory talk or commentary.

ABSTRACTS should be limited to a single sheet of A4 paper,

and should include a short biography

PAPERS should be 25 mins; WORKSHOPS 55 mins; PERFORMANCES are negotiable.

The Conference Proceedings will be published. The text may be expanded for publication. Abstracts should be emailed to Barbara Segal at by1st November 2019.

Please contact Barbara for any further information.

You will be informed within the month whether your contribution has been accepted.

Details of the programme and a booking form will be issued in November 2019.

For more information about the Early Dance Circle, please visit