Società di Danza

Società di Danza is a National Federation of cultural associations, and previously a cultural association directed and funded by Fabio Mòllica in Bologna in 1991. It performs historical research on Nineteenth Century and Historical dances. The society aims at reconstructing a dance system belonging to the European tradition. Site:

The dances are: quadrilles, country dances, waltzes, polkas and mazurkas. We aim at reasearching the artistic technique that in the Nineteenth Century made these dances especially important for the dancing masters and not only mass enjoyment. Società di Danza aims to coordinate the activities of national and international Associations Società di Danza.

Iit was formally founded as Federation in 2012. It is formed by groups and individuals that agree with the Manifesto, the dance System and the Edcational Material.

It orgainzed continuous historical dance courses in several cities, specifically of 19th Century dance, national and interational stages, theoretical-practical seminars, Summer School (since 1993), Easter School (since 1992), Teachers' Training School (since 1992), National Meeting (since 2013), international congress and activities, sproduces a collection of books on dance, video and presentation of 19th century dresses, and everal Grand Ball reconstructions in many cities and countries.

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Società di Danza

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