Società di Danza - Circolo Pisano

Circolo Pisano della Società di Danza is a cultural society founded in Pisa in 1994, promotes historical research and practice on Nineteenth Century and Historical dances, according to the aims of the Società di Danza, cultural association and now Federation, founded in 1991 by Fabio Mòllica, to whom the Circolo Pisano is affiliated since 1994.  The society aims at reconstructing a dance system belonging to the European tradition. The XIX Century dances are: quadrilles, country dances, waltzes, polkas and mazurkas, and Scottish dances.

We aim at researching the artistic technique that in the Nineteenth Century made these dances especially important for the dancing masters and not only mass enjoyment.
Since 2007 Circolo Pisano is associated to the National Federation Società di Danza, that is formed by branches, groups and individuals
that agree with the Manifesto, the System of dance and the Educational Material.
Circolo Pisano della Società di Danza since 1997 is affiliated to Royal Scottish Country Dance Society and promotes Scottish country dance in the dance system.
logo.gif The Circolo Pisano della Società di Danza is directed by S. Balsamo

Since 1994 Società di Danza - Circolo Pisano realized:

- continuous courses of 19th century dance,
- cycles of seminars of historical dance, from Quattrocento to Settecento,
- reconstruction of 19th Century Grand Balls in theaters, historical buildigs (Teatro Verdi of Pisa, Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Blu, Palazzo Boileau, Sala da Ballo del Casino dei Nobili, Villa di Corliano, Villa Roncioni, Villa Medicea di Coltano, Villa Le Molina, Royal Victoria Hotel, Palazzo Ruschi, Villa dell'Ammiraglio, Villa Alta,Villa del Lupo, Terrazza Mascagni) and historical squares (Piazza dei Cavalieri, Cortile della Sapienza, Logge dei Banchi)
- reconstruction of Renaissance dance (Cortile della Sapienza)
- labs and special stages of Scottish dances, with certified teachers of Royal Scottish Country Dance Society,
- lab 'Dancing Mozart' of socieal dance of late 1700 on W.A. Mozart 's music,
- several events in collaboration with different public and private cultural istitutions,
- Grand Ball of United Europe realized in Pisa from 1996 to 1999,
- Grand Ball 'di Fine d'Anno' at the Theater, in collaboration with  Teatro Verdi ('Danzando le Operette' in 1997, 'Gran Finale' in 1998, 'Gran Ballo di Fine Novecento' in 1999)
- reconstruction of 18th century dance, also in collaboration with musical and choir associations
- project 'The dance languadge in the inter-generation relationship' with conference and labs, at 'Casa della Città Leopolda,
- projects of dance in the school for children ('Bambini in Movimento")
- participation to several performance with renaissance dance (e.g., Vincenzo e Galileo, un padre e un figlio, 2008)
- project 'Danzando tra le righe' (Dancing among the rows) of dance and literature od 19th century,
- project 'Schubertiana' of dance of early 19th century on the music by F. Schubert,
- project 'Scottish Tribute' of Scottish dance and music,
- several associative activities (annual tea dance, 19th century balls, Scottish balls, photo exhibition),
- a book of dance 'Danze e Controdanze' (2001), and education renaissance dance material (2003-2007),
- exhibition of 19th century ball dresses (Royal Victoria Hotel, 1998) ,
- seminars/presentations on the hstory of 19th century dress,
- active participation to the events and activities of Società di Danza, including national and international stage, Grand Balls and events.


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Società di Danza - Circolo Pisano

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