24th SUMMER SCHOOL OF SOCIAL DANCES OF EUROPEAN TRADITION - 19th Century dance - Level intermediate

24th Summer School  August, 3-10, 2019

Villa Massimo, Landro di Gioiosa Marea, Messina, Italy

Social dance of European tradition Società di Danza

Director: Fabio Mòllica

Stage of 19th century dance.

Stage for intermediate and beginners.

Quadrille, Waltz, Polka, Mazurka and Scottish country dances.

The traditional Summer School of Società di Danza will be held this year in Villa Massimo, Landro di Gioiosa Marea.

Weeks of holiday and dance.

Classes in the afternoon, dancing evening and free time to enjoy the sea.

We will study 19th century dance: waltz, quadrille, polka, mazurka and Scottish Country Dance. Classes are in larve open air covered dance spiace with a wooden floor.

Some evenings will be devoted to dancing parties.

Stage with dance, technique and repertoire for intermediate and beginners.

For further information and registration:

info@societadidanza.it or call +39 339 8316008


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Villa Massimo

Contrada Landro di Gioiosa Marea
98063 Patti (Messina)


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