EADH conference 2019: Colonial dancing in Europe, European dancing in the colonies

In association with Portingaloise Cultural and Artistic Association, and Ginasiano/Armazém22

The conference proposes an exploratory look at the migration and confluence of dance styles, forms and practices through the wide net linking European nations and their colonies worldwide.

In a dialogue between Coloniser and Colonies, what part did dancing have in the cultural exchanges between nations? What impact did they have overseas and to what extent were they absorbed?

Join us for an exciting, enlightening and unique weekend full of activities, to include the following papers:

o Jane Gingel, '"Diabolical Practices": Intercultural trends in Spanish music and dance in the 16th century'.

o Catarina Costa e Silva, '"Bayamo, bullimo cus pé..." - Dance elements in 17th-century polyphonic repertoire of Santa Cruz de Coimbra'.

o Mary Collins & Rachel Brown, 'The Canary'.

o Davide Vecchi, 'Domenico Zipoli and the dance - Dance music of an Italian Jesuit in the New World'.

o Christine Bayle, 'L'Europe Galante, between clichés and influences'.

o Tiziana Leucci, 'The Portuguese travel accounts at the origin of the Indian dancer character of the "Bayadère" in the European literature and stage plays'.

o Susan Hamlin, 'Les Indes Galantes, an opéra-ballet rediscovered: Les Sauvages on the French stage'.

o Edith Lalonger, '"Les sauteries de la petite noblesse de la Nouvelle-France"'.

o Anne Daye, 'The "National dance" of Ireland: promotion and confusion 1614 - c.1914'.

o Isabelle Calabre, 'The Quadrille, creole dance of "Toute-Monde"'.

o Ricardo Barros, 'From the "Terreiro" to the "Paço" - the extraordinary journey of the Lundú over the centuries, continents and social strata'.

o Lisa Fusillo, 'Re-examining cultural identities in ballet after a hundred years: The "Spanishness" of Le Tricorne'.

o Anita Makuszewska, 'Tracing memories of submission and defiance in the Soviet ballet adaptations of Hikmet's Legend of Love and Aitmatov's Legend of Donenbai Bird - Mankurt'.

o Dorothea Sauer, 'Modern Dance in Brazil? Liselott Trinks and her Wigman Adaptations in Joinville'.

o Jane Pritchard, 'Roshanara?'.

Workshops and demonstrations:

o Jane Gingel, with Konrad Przybycien, Lenka Horlova and Blanka Ferjentsik Wernerova, 'Chacona & Zarabanda' (demo).

o Davide Vecchi, 'Dancing to Zipoli's music' (workshop).

o Tiziana Leucci, 'Indian Classical Dance' (workshop).

o Edith Lalonger, 'Danses Quebecoises' (demo).

o Ricardo Barros, 'The 19th-century Lundú Quadrille' (workshop).

o Anne Daye, 'The Irish Ceilidh' (workshop).


o Friday 8th November - daytime: a city tour of Porto, including landmarks, guided tour of the historical Stock-exchange building and a Baroque church trail.

o Friday pm: opening cocktail reception at Armazém22, and performance of "500 years of dancing in Portugal and its colonies" by several artists, at Convento Corpus Christi.

o Saturday 9th November - daytime: conference papers, workshops and demos at Armazém22.

o Saturday pm: conference dinner at Sandeman "The George", and performance of 'Feliz Centenário, Mr Cunningham' by students of Ginasiano Dance School, at Armazém22.

o Sunday 10th November - daytime: conference papers, workshops and demos, followed by the EADH Annual General Meeting at Armazém22.


 Download detailed schedule and abstracts here 

Conference fees include attendance to the conference proper (papers, workshops, demos, refeshments and buffet lunches), admission to performances on Friday and Saturday. Please note that City tour on Friday and Dinner on Saturday attract separate fees. Delegates are responsible for organising their own travel and accommodation in Porto.

o Conference (Friday to Sunday) and Friday city tour: €105.

o Conference only (Friday evening to Sunday): €90

o Conference, one day only (Saturday or Sunday): €50.

o City tour only: €15.

o Conference dinner requires reservation in advance, and shall be payable separately. It will be hosted at the 'Sandeman' private dining room at 'The George', offering a 3-course meal of Portuguese cuisine (vegetarian option available), including drinks and a toast with Port wine, serenaded in between courses by Fado singer Ana Ferreira and two musicians. Cost: €45 (please book via Paypal button below).




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