Spring Gran Ball at Palazzo Pucci, Firenze

Spring Grand Ball at Palazzo Pucci

19th Century Ball 

20.3.2021, Palazzo Pucci

Via de’ Pucci 2, Firenze 


Società di Danza Firenze organizes the Spring Grand Ball at Palazzo Pucci, a 19th Century Grand  Ball in the marvellous historic Palazzo Pucci in the heart of Florence.

Waltzes, quadrilles, polka and mazurkas, contredanse and marches, galop and country dances.

The ball will take place in the Salone di Apollo and Sala di Paride in the special ancient Palazzo Pucci.

The dance program will be available in advance for the participants.

The historic Palazzo Pucci is an important historic residence in Florence.

Through the monumental staircase you can reach the first floor where there are the splendid decorated rooms, with frescoes, paintings, valuable sculptures, the Hall of Apollo and the Hall of Paris with frescoes by important artists of the 1500s. 

The first nucleus of the Palace dates back to 1480, built and belonged to the family of Antonio Pucci, then expanded with architectural interventions by famous architects and artists including Giovanni da San Giovanni, Jacopo Chiavistelli and Giovanni Domenico Ferretti. In 1901 it was declared a national artistic heritage by the General Direction of Antiquities and Fine Arts. 

It is located in the street of the same name, a few steps from the Duomo of Florence and can be easily reached on foot from the S. Maria Novella station

Participation by invitation. 

Limited number of participants.

Dress code: 19th Ball dress romantic period.

To participate contact

Società di Danza Firenze



Palazzo Pucci Firenze


+39 360233650
Via S. Michele degli Scalzi 96 Circolo Pisano della Società di Danza
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