Online Introductory Workshop in Eighteenth-Century Ballet Technique

This is a practical introductory workshop in eighteenth-century ballet technique, focusing on the serious and half-serious styles. The fundamentals of the technique (positions, constituent movements, orientations) will be presented, and the student will be systematically guided through a number of composite steps and their variants. The differences between the technique of the ballroom and that of the stage will be stressed, and entrenched misconceptions addressed. It is recommended that the student have some background in classical ballet, but the event is open to all. The workshop is led by Edmund Fairfax (author of _The Styles of Eighteenth-Century Ballet_ (2003)), and the material presented is based on his extensive research into this topic. See also his website:

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Edmund Fairfax is a specialist in eighteenth-century ballet technique. He was an early-dance consultant for the Toronto-based company Ballet Espressivo 2003-... read more


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