A 15th century ball - La Primavera!

Join the Contessa and the renowned ensemble Gaita Medieval Music for a delightful morning/afternoon/evening of live music and dance - fifteenth century style! this month's theme is a celebration of Spring! For those who wish to fully participate in the theme, accessories might include wreaths and garlands of flowers and/or greenery - but not required for you to join us! :)   To encourage maximum participation, some of the dances shall be taught or walked through, with varying levels of complexity to satisfy everyone's tastes! Note that you can find detailed instructional videos for Grene Gynger, Amoroso, Vita di Cholino and Marchesana here (don't forget to like & subscribe if you enjoy the videos :-) ):   https://www.patreon.com/thecreativecontessa   For those who wish to review dances for the ball, two Ball Prep sessions are being offered shortly before the ball:
https://forms.gle/bmoiBi1KnjvWf6Ha8   Cost: Donation to support the efforts of the musicians and dance mistress. :)   Donations can be made via: Venmo: Rachel-Lorenz-7 (phone 253-285-8050) Paypal (send money to friends): thecreativecontessa@gmail.com   Zoom link:    https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85430750111?pwd=ZzE4L1RVeDhkTjEyNW13cmg1Q3hHZz09   Date/Time: March 27, 12:00 PM MST (GMT -7)

The order of dance shall be as follows:   Opening dance: Cupido & Saltarello Petite Rose Pregionera* Filles a Marier# Leoncello* Lybens Distonys Danse de Cleves* Amoroso# Orynge* Gioliva & Saltarello# Marchesana* Vito di Cholino* Fia Guilemina* Gioioso* Grene Gynger#   # = quick walk-through review * = those who know it no mark = speed-taught  

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