Midsummer Early Dance & Music Virtual Festival

Midsummer Early Dance & Music Virtual Festival is coming back for the second year with a week full of events and activities all-about-historical dance supported by the Nonsuch History &Dance (UK), Dance & History e.V. (Germany), The New York Baroque Dance Company (USA).  
  • The Festival will start with a theatrical early dance extravaganza assembled in a video “Staging Early Dance” featuring fragments of performances by The New York Baroque Dance Company (USA), Nonsuch History and Dance (UK), Hartig Ensemble-Dances and Ballets of Three Centuries (The Czech Republic), The Petit Trianon Baroque Company (Russia), Hubert Hazebroucq and Les Corps Eloquents (France), Diana Campóo (Spain), Caroline Muraldo (UK), Lieven Baert and Historical Dance and Theatre Practice Ghent (Belgium).
  • From Monday till Saturday, you can join practical sessions (75 min long each) with Catherine Turocy, Hubert Hazebroucq, Sam Gosk, Caroline Muraldo, Darren Royston, and Diana Campóo.
  • The workshop’s series will break on Wednesday night with a panel discussion with Moira Goff (UK), dance historian, blogger, and a former curator in the British Library; Paul Boucher (UK), a curator and creative director of the historic Montagu Music Collection at Boughton House, Birte Hofmann - Cabenda (Germany), an experienced historical dance teacher and amateur dance group leader; Katharine Pittman and Robert Weathers (USA), creative leads of the Evening Dance Ensemble at Colonial Williamsburg, a living-history museum and private foundation presenting a part of the historic district in the city of Williamsburg. The discussion will be led by Catherine Turocy (USA), one of today’s leading choreographers/reconstructors and stage directors in 17th and 18th century period performance. The presenters will share their experience of bringing to life dance from the past from various projects.
  • The week finishes with the Ball or GloBal through another video display titled “Let’s have a Ball!” We will be visiting ballrooms and past events in the UK with Hampshire Regency Dancers, in Russia with Trianon Studio, in France with Affordanse, in Italy with Compagnia Nazionale di Danza Storica, in Belgium with Lieven Baert and Historical Dance and Theatre Practice Ghent, and in Germany with Potsdamer Rokoko e.V.
  The Festival ticket costs £20 covering practical sessions and round table discussion. See the full timetable for details. Practical sessions will be run on the Zoom Platform. Opening and closing videos will be available freely on YouTube. We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Festival!   More details and register: https://midsummerdance.co.uk/

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