Retrieving and Reconstructing the Past Through Dance

The Early Dance Circle is pleased to invite historical dance professionals and amateurs for its Biennial Conference postponed from 2020. The Conference will start with a dinner on Friday night, followed by a weekend of lectures, dance workshops and performances. On Saturday evening we’ll all be dancing to live music (no costume required and all dances called). Here is a foretaste of the topics on offer:
• Paul Cooper, Dances and Dancers, prestigious London balls c.1800-1820
• Berenike Heiter, Reconstructing a Second Half of the 18thC Country Dance Repertoire
in Connection with the Central German Provincial Court of Schönburg-Waldenburg
• Beatrice Pfister, Pantomime Ballet as a Mirror of the 18th Century: society and
politics of the Enlightenment
• Petra Dotlacilova, Retrieving Dance of the Past through Costume
• Michaela Mettel, Re-enacting Historical Dance as part of Art and Cultural Education
• Susan de Guardiola, Les Ronds Extraordinaires
• Tiziana Leucci, Between Europe, India, Java and America: Sharing and Migration of
Dance Styles in Jean Cébron’s Choreographic and Pedagogical Systems.
• Christine Bayle, A sophisticated dance practice, in its past and future, both healthy and
• Dorothea Sauer, The Method of Émile Jaques-Dalcroze and its Consequences for the
Development of Modern Dance in Europe
• Anne Daye, Finding our Footing: a Discussion of the Evidence for a Social Dance
Step Vernacular to these Islands
• Bill Tuck, Curious Conjunctions: The various inter-weavings between Ralph Vaughan
Williams, Cecil Sharp and Isadora Duncan, 1910-1920
• Barbara Segal, Some Observations on the Concept of ‘Country Dance’
• Hillary Burlock, Politicised Publications: dance manuals and tunebooks in Georgian
• Alena Shmakova & Mats Melin, Exploring Jacobite themes in Scottish country dance
collections of the 18th century
• Matthew Spring, Dancing opportunities on a family stay in eighteenth-century Bath
• Larraine Nicholas, On the Appeal of Authenticity: The Dance of the Seven Veils in
early 20th Century London
• Helena Kazarova, Topic to be announced
• Hazel Dennison, Canario Siciliana, or The Diplomatic Dancing Master
• Anne Daye, Dancing at the Barriers
• Susan de Guardiola, Workshop on Regency/19C dance
• Christine Bayle, The Bourée in the Manuscript ‘Instruction pour dancer ‘
• Nira Pullin, The Ragtime Revolution - the Two Step/One Step, Dances that ended the
19th and began the 20th Centuries
• Christine Bayle & John Whitelaw, Dances from Instruction
• Tiziana Leucci, Introduction to South Indian Dance
• Barbara Segal & Bill Tuck in The Magical Toymaker


To register please fill the booking form attached and send to Barbara Segal. More information at
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St. Katharine's, Parmoor

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