Dances for Noble Halls: The making and performing of dances in 15th Century Italian courts

  Italian Renaissance Dance course: This HDS day course is led by Hazel Dennison, researcher and dancer specialising in 15th century Italian dance. It is based on the rich repertoire of dances, music and instruction from primary source material. Participants will work through the practice of skills and steps deemed essential by dancing masters Domenico da Piacenza and Guglielmo Ebreo. The course will focus on dancing the bassadanza and balli choreographed upon four musical misure for court display and recreation and for civic and sacred enactment. With these dances you will have the opportunity to experience dances and dancing taken from this primary source of dance history. Suitable for participants at all levels of dance experience.  The course will be at Brickhill Community Centre, Avon Drive, Bedford MK41 7AF. To book your place:  For further information please contact Helen Young:

Brickhill Community Centre

Avon Drive
MK41 7AF Bedford
United Kingdom


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