Dancing Well, Dancing Longer



The purpose of this course is to develop awareness of the technical skills needed to allow us to maintain our bodies, prevent injuries and keep dancing year on year. Many people, not all of course, who enjoy historical dance have not been through a formal dance training and may therefore not have had the anatomical instruction to understand fully the mechanics of the steps we use. 

This course will explore aspects of dance technique that can be applied to historical dance forms to ensure safe practice and improve physical and interpretative skills.  Sessions will explore effective warm up exercises for all levels of fitness and ability and specific physical skills that will improve alignment, strength and co-ordination.  These aspects will then be applied to specific steps and dances of the Renaissance and Baroque eras to demonstrate how improvements in technical execution will also improve performance skills.

The first evening and each morning will start with a general warm up, using exercises that can be taken away for personal use or use with a group.  This will be followed by exploration of technical aspects such as strength, stamina, posture, alignment and co-ordination.  These skills will then by applied to sociable Playford country dances on the first evening, Renaissance dances on the Saturday and Baroque dances on the Sunday.

Benslow Music Trust

Little Benslow Hills
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United Kingdom