Crazy Rhythm Weekend

An immersive workshop about the orgins of American Vernacular Dance, dealing with historical, theoretical and practical aspect of this style.

Through listening, body percussion excercises and studio practice we'll develep some sequences that can be useful for the improvisation. The multifaceted chararcter of this event makes it fit for anyone interested in swing dance.

The level of the dance classes is OPEN, every step wil be introduced and examined in detail, giving useful elements both for beginners and for experts.

It is advised to wear confortable clothing and sneakers of ballroom shoes.

Chiara Palumbo: Pianist, lindy hop and vernacular Jazz history scholar
Danilo Bruschetti: swing dance teacher and performer
Silvia Pinna: swing dance teacher and performer

Early bird reduced fee for registration before February 9th




Teatro Golden - Roma

via Taranto, 36