I Fablernas Värld - The World of the Fables

I Fablernas Värld - The World of the Fables

A baroque dance and music performance inspired by Jean de La Fontaine’s collection of fables.

Welcome to the world of the fables where different kinds of animals live side by side, all with their own quirks and characteristics. Meet the brave lion, the cunning fox and the nervous little cricket as they try to find their place in society. They discuss and reason, are deceived and argue about important and unimportant things – about who is the best at jumping, how the country should be governed and not least who will get the much sought after French cheese!

A baroque music and dance performance inspired by the 17th-century writer Jean de la Fontaine’s collection of fables. About power, democracy and making your voice heard despite being small.

Suitable for children 6-8 years old.
Performance length 40 min.

Tickets: https://www.semf.se/semf-2023/event/2397



Choreography, stage direction and concept | Karin Modigh and Matilda Larsson
Scenography, costume and props | Gustav Udd
Lyrics and translation | Richard Sandblom
Music | Marais, Clérambault, Sarro and Campra
Light | Pär Svensson



Matilda Larsson - dance
Mehdi Arabi - physical theatre
Daniel Ralphsson - singing
Torbjörn Köhl - baroque violin
Marcus Strand/John Martling - guitar and theorbo

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Karin Modigh is a choreographer, stage director, creator and teacher, who discovered early dance at the age of 15. She is a native of Sweden living in Paris,... read more


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