Duration of study: 12 months

Start date: September 1, 2023

Course format: distance or blended course


In this program, you will learn by doing  from day one and gain hands-on experience for the entire 12 months. You will have the opportunity to go through all the stages of a professional performance. At the end of the training, an important stage is the final exam. For students of certificate courses "Theatre Directing", the educational project is a explication book.



Who is this course for?


Experienced theatre directors

You will be able to get a structured set of knowledge from an experienced expert, upgrade your skills and reach a new level.


For novice specialists in theatre industry

You will be able to gain knowledge and tools to embody your creative vision, find your style and develop as a director.

What will you be able to learn?


  • The fundamentals of theatre directing

  • How to embody creative ideas

  • How to interact with a team

  • How to correctly build a composition on stage

  • Understanding your strengths and find style

  • Create actions on stage


How is the studying going?

The course is a drop of theory and a sea of practice.


  1. Study lectures on your own

  2. You consolidate knowledge in practice and hand over the work

  3. Based on the completed assignments, you are preparing a graduation performance


Some of the key learning objectives of the program


• How to read and analyze a play, how to formulate a plot and the super-objective of the performance

• What a theatre director should prepare for the first meeting with actors

• How to lead actors from the first meeting to the performance

• How to work with the production team

• What tools should directors possess to help actors prepare for their roles

• How to choose and apply rehearsal methods and acting technique

• The post-production aspects of a performance


Theatre Directing Modules


  • Ensemble Building

  • The Director and Author

  • The Director and Form in Performance

  • Text. Voice. Physical Action

  • The Director and Method

  • The Director and Production


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Be part of a huge community of theatre directors! We have students from 32 countries of the world.








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