Kaj Sylegard

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Kaj Sylegard, dancer, is a graduate of the University College of Dance and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, where he was taught by Anna-Karin Stahle-Varney and Regina Beck-Friis (dance), and Clas Pehrsson (music). He has been working professionally in the field of early dance and music since 1991. His mentor and teacher, the early dance expert Jane Gingell, first employed him in the London based dance group Timedance. He has danced in programmes with Philipp Pickett's New London Consort, Steven Stubb's Tragicomedia, Andres Mustonen's Hortus Musicus, and regularly performs in the opera productions of the Boston Early Music Festival. He has worked as choreographer assistant and director assistant in stage productions in connection with the Baroque Road Festival in Vilnius (Lithuania), at the State Opera in Riga (Latvia) and at the Baroque Festivals in Malmö (Sweden). He regularly teaches and give lectures at the University College of Dance, at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and for Swedish Radio. He has taught and performed in most central European countries, as well as in Scandinavia and the Baltic states.

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Seit 1991 beschäftigt er sich professionell mit dem historischen Tanz und graduierte am University College of Dance in Stockholm und der Stockholm Royal Academy of Music.

Zu seinen Lehrern gehörten Jane Gingell in London, sowie Anna-Karin Stahle-Varney und Regina Beck-Friis in Stockholm.

Derzeit lehrt er an der University College of Dance, der Ballet-Academy in Stockholm und der Swedish Ballet School.

Darüber hinaus wirkte er an zahlreichen namhaften Aufführungen in London und Boston mit.

Kaj Sylegard