Viona ielegems

Viona ielegems

Some people say ...

"Mistress of fantasy & queen of mysterious worlds."

"Thousands of fans across the globe are watching closely how Viona transforms her ideas into pictures, costumes and events. As much as possible she tries to draw people into her magical world, where possibilities are only limited to one’s imagination."

"Experienced for many years as a fairytale photographer and otherworldly costume designer, she tries to grasp the elegance and gracefulness of women, freezing time, opening doors to other dimensions."

"Women, men, beauties and beasts, all play part in Viona’s mysterious fairytale stories. Dressed in tantalizing creations they are actors in a skillful play of love and attraction, sometimes underground and dark, sometimes very light and colourful."

"Each picture, each costume and each event invites you to keep on dreaming!"

"Do you dare to cross the borders to Viona's world?"

Viona ielegems

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