Vento del Tempo

The Renaissance dance ensemble Vento del Tempo was formed in 2006 on base of XVI century Dance Group of Saint-Petersburg Historical Dance Club. Though our mainstream activity is a staged representation of historical dances, our main goal is recreating and representing the spirit of the dance exactly as it used to be centuries ago. This activity is based on reconstruction of dancing technique and supported by learning culture and history of the period, designing and sewing historically accurate costumes, which members of our ensemble execute with their own hands.

European court dances of late XVI-early XVII centuries form the core of our repertoire, but we also study and perform Renaissance folk dances and even dances from other periods.

Members of the ensemble take part in performances and festivals in Russia as well as abroad, and collaborate with cultural and scientific organizations of Saint-Petersburg.

Ekaterina Mikhaylova-Smolnyakova is the head of the ensemble.