Academia della Danza

For one weekend, the 14th century Rathaus of Miltenberg, shall play host to a school of dance, known in the tongue of more refined courts as an academia della danza. In addition to learning dances from the courts of the Gonzaga, Valois, Lancasters and Tudors, there shall be a feast, as well as terpsichorean revels and a ball as no one has seen in many years. Come one and all to partake!

To give an idea of the dances taught during the weekend and danced during the ball: Petits Vriens, Petite Rose, Grene Gynger, Orynge, Black Almain, Lorrayne Almain, Old Almain, Rostiboli Gioioso, Gracca Amorosa, Galliards, Pavans, Lybens Dystonis, Anello, Gelosia, Pizochara, Chirintana, La Castellana, Villanella, Fia Guilemina (for two or four), Double Bransle Suite, Montarde Bransle, Horse's Bransle, Official Bransle, Amoroso, Danse de Cleves, Cupido, Gioliva, Lauro.
This varies slightly from year to year, but the ball format is a request format (provided the musicians know the music) based on a ball held in Ulm in 1503. A chance to step back in time!

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Alte Rathaus Miltenberg

Hauptstrasse 137


+49 (0)1632873450


+49 (0)1632873450
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