Known World Medieval and Renaissance Dance Symposium 2015

Three days and four nights of classes, workshops, historical balls, feasting and terpsichorean revelry, in the medieval ambience of the Miltenberger Altes Rathaus, with Medieval and Renaissance dance researchers from across Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia convening to share their work. Classes for all levels, plus the chance to experience the authentic setting of balls and revels recreated from historical accounts! See for more information and registration.


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Altes Rathaus, Miltenberg am Main

Hauptstrasse 138
Miltenberg am Main


+49 (0)1632873450
zum Steckengarten 21


ducdebreme's picture

Funny to see SCA events in Germany. I thought, it is an America based organization?

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The SCA is a worldwide organization, and has been for over three decades. We have had branches here in Europe since the very early 80s! :)