Romana Agnel

Romana Agnel has dedicated her whole life to dance. She is an art historian, but she is also
professionally engaged in dancing, making choreographies and what is most important, she is the
founder of ‘Cracovia Danza’, the only professional Court Ballet in Poland, which is situated in Kraków.
Her education started in Ballet School in Kraków and during her studies at the Sorbonne in Paris she
acquired her specializations in the areas of character dance and historic dance. Additionally, Romana
is also a dancer of the Bharata Natyam classical Indian dance.

The artist created the choreography of the performances staged in many theatres as well as in
opera houses and music theatres in Poland and abroad. She also cooperated with the outstanding
musicians, conductors as well as directors. As a result of her big experience there is organized
'Cracovia Danza' Court Dance Festival, which is held yearly in August in Krakow.

Besides, as a dance teacher, she regularly conducts the dance classes in music academies in Krakow,
Łódź and Bialystok as well as courses and lectures within her specializations. Romana is an author
of a few publications on the subject of historical dance. Owing to her active contribution and
commitment in the development of the culture she was honored with a few prizes, as for example
by the ‘Merit of Polish Culture’ award by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage as well
as ‘Honoris Gratia’ award for meritorious service to the City of Krakow and its inhabitants from the
Mayor of the City of Krakow.

The artist also the ambassador of Polish and European dance in India and for years she has been
promoting the classical Indian dance in Poland and abroad.

Romana Agnel

(12) 421 08 36
Plac na Groblach 7 (1st floor)
31-101 Kraków Kraków