Summer courses Accademia Amsterdam in Perugia (Italy) with Ricardo Barros



Be inspired by the splendid medieval city of Perugia and the Umbrian landscape. Experience an unforgettable summer course, organized by the experts of Accademia Amsterdam in collaboration with the Università per Stranieri di Perugia. Meet friends while enjoying music, arts, Italian ‘cucina’ and literature.

We offer additional master-classes music and dance for those who want to improve their skills.

Accademia Amsterdam offers you an inviting opening concert. Participants can present themselves in a beautiful historical environment. We organize an excursion to one of the local cultural highlights.


Chamber music & dance courses are open to amateurs, students and music teachers: (baroque) dancers, singers and instrumentalists. Persons of any level can attend the drawing & painting or cooking courses. Participants who have an average level or higher, can apply for the language & literature course.


VX Group Travel & Events can arrange and book the lodgings and transportation for you. Enjoy the all-in travel service, when flying from the Netherlands.

Opposite the course location you’ll find hotel hotel Signa, where you can stay at a reduced price. There are affordable hotels and ‘ostelli’ in the neighbourhood. You can stay at a camping site just outside the town.


Dinners are being served on the panoramic terrace of restaurant Iris. During the final party dinner we will offer you a typical Italian ‘aperitivo’ and the cook serves festive dishes.


—Ricardo Barros: baroque dance
—Antonio Magarelli, singing/ensemble coaching & direction
—Onno Verschoor: (baroque) oboe/recorder/winds
—Jan Pieter van Coolwijk: (baroque) violin/strings
—Wilma van der Wardt: (baroque) cello/gamba/strings
—Annalisa Martella: harpsichord/continuo

— Marc Gerretsen, Amsterdam: drawing & painting
— Cinzia Ubaldi, Perugia: traditional cooking

—Università per Stranieri di Perugia: Italian language & literature        


—- Vocal & instrumental (chamber) music, baroque dances
—- Drawing & painting of architecture, people, still lives, “vedute”
—- Appetizers, pastas & pastries, desserts, dishes of the baroque era
—- Grammar & linguistics, Italian poetry (of the baroque era)


Dances, (small) choirs, arias and instrumental (chamber) music from baroque opera and ballet. Composers like Lully, Purcell, Handel and Monteverdi.

Advice for repertoire and contents of the courses can be obtained from the tutor(s) concerning (see their e-mail addresses).

Sheet music, ingredients and texts will be provided. Drawing & painting materials for purchase.


Italiano, English, Nederlands, Deutsch, Français.

PROGRAMME (preliminary)

Monday July 28 to Friday August 1, 2014.

Monday July 28
11:00 AM  reception, introduction and forming of ensembles in Istituto Musicale “G. Frescobaldi”

—Monday July 28 to Friday August 1
rehearsals and ensemble teaching (with one free morning/afternoon and optional excursion)

—Monday July 28
09:30 PM music tutors' concert

—Tuesday July 29, Wednesday July 30, Thursday July 31 (evenings)
individual master-classes (separate subscription)

—Friday August 1
06:00 PM final concert and presentation by course participants
08:00 PM dinner and final party 


Transavia / Ryan Air / KLM flight to Pisa or Rome, train or coach to Perugia.
Optional VX Group Travel & Events all-in travel service, when flying from the Netherlands.


Dinners are organized, participation at wish, €16/€19 (14£/16£) (Monday – Friday).

If you don’t use the VX Group Travel & Events service, you need to book your lodging yourself.
Lodging in hotel Signa, camping site, or other hotels and ‘ostelli’ in the neighbourhood.

Any questions? We are glad to help! See our website —


Music & Dance
—- Participants < 25 (incl. workshop baroque dance)                                                              €275 (230£)
—- Participants ≥ 25 (incl. workshop baroque dance)                                                              €375 (313£)
—- Additional master-classes (participants – listeners free)                                                      + €75 (63£)
—- Teachers (when bringing two students)                                                                              €195 (162£)

Drawing & Painting and Cooking
—- Per day (exclusive painting & drawing materials)                                                                    €75 (63£)

Language & Literature
—- Five days                                                                                                                             €375 (313£)

Applications before April 1, 2014: 5% reduction.
Introducing another participant, 5% (extra) reduction (when subscribing together).
Italian students: 15% extra reduction.

Fees are excl. travel, lodging and meals and including 21% VAT.
Min. 16, max. 40 participants (music / dance).

Bank account: Amstel Impresariaat, Amstelveen, Triodos Bank 786693762 (IBAN: NL40TRIO0786693762 BIC: TRIONL2UXXX).

For more details and subscription, see our website:


-— Accademia Amsterdam (general information / informazioni in italiano)
Onno Verschoor — Amsteldijk Noord 168A, 1183TK Amstelveen (NL) — +31 20 4560973 / +31 6 24254791

—- Istituto Musicale “G. Frescobaldi” (course) — Corso Cavour 184, 06121 Perugia (IT) — +39 075 5736171 —

- Università per Stranieri di Perugia — Piazza Fortebraccio 4, 06122 Perugia (IT) — +39 075 57461 —

—- VX Group Travel & Events travel & lodging service —

—- Hotels, ‘ostelli’ or camp site — see our website


Accademia Amsterdam Summer Course - Perugia (Italy)

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06121 Perugia

Performer, Teacher

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