Festival Opera Barocca

Opera Barocca is a unique festival of early music, consistently committed to authentic style. The project is based on a creative synthesis of artistic disciplines - visual, literary, musical and interpretive - as expressed in the original time of these works. Original programming, the hosting of prominent Czech and foreign soloists and musicians, and the residency of the Opera Barocca Ensemble guarantee a distinctive festival. Comprehensive research activity in all artistic fields allows us each year to bring premières to the modern world of remarkable - often forgotten - works of quality. Festival Opera Barocca also puts an emphasis on interaction with exceptional anniversaries, and reflects the seasonal and religious festivities of the year. The festival is also closely linked with the legacy of the Czech aristocratic family Gallas and Clam-Gallas and their extraordinary cultural patronage. For this reason the main festival stage is traditionally situated at the Clam-Gallas Palace, an extraordinary residence and one of the most beautiful Baroque buildings in Prague. 


Concert Series from August 14th until September 6th 2015, daily except Mondays 

Performance starts at 8:15 PM

A wonderful hour-long concert will allow you to imagine the beauty and elegance of the 17th and 18th centuries.

An aperitif is available during the break.

Duration: 1-hour concert + 15-minute interval (from 8.15 pm until 9.30 pm)

Venue: Clam-Gallas Palace, Husova 20, Prague 1 - Old Town

Ticket price: 

Sector A + drink (Apéritif) 1200,- Kč

Sector B + drink (Apéritif) 900,- Kč

Sector C 600,- Kč

Students, Seniors 500,- Kč 

infoline: +420 739 477 063






Sulle Onde Azzurre - On Azure Waves

The aristocrat Johann Wenzel Count von Gallas, the Imperial Ambassador to Rome and builder of this Prague palace was a famous Maecenas in a number of locations across Europe. At the beginning of the 18th century he was an exemplary patron of a number of Roman theatres and promoted many composers and artists. An important and comprehensive example was a collaboration with the famous Italian composer and cellist Giovanni Battista Bononcini, court composer to three emperors.

The programme of concerts consists of music from the archives of Johann Wenzel von Gallas.

Musica Amorosa - The Music of Love 

Four Faces of Love. Italian, French, German and English amatory music by composers of the 17th and 18th centuries will be played.

The musicians will play on authentic instruments with Baroque tuning (a 415 Hz Valotti).

Summer dates, start at 8.15 PM:

  • 14. 8. Opera Barocca
  • 15. 8. Opera Barocca
  • 16. 8. Opera Barocca
  • 18. 8. Opera Barocca
  • 19. 8. Opera Barocca
  • 20. 8. Opera Barocca
  • 21. 8. Opera Barocca
  • 22. 8. Opera Barocca
  • 23. 8. Opera Barocca
  • 25. 8. Opera Barocca
  • 26. 8. Opera Barocca
  • 27. 8. Opera Barocca
  • 28. 8. Opera Barocca
  • 29. 8. Opera Barocca
  • 30. 8. Opera Barocca
  • 01. 9. Opera Barocca
  • 02. 9. Opera Barocca
  • 03. 9. Opera Barocca
  • 04. 9. Opera Barocca
  • 05. 9. Opera Barocca
  • 06. 9. Opera Barocca

Autumnal dates, start at 7.30 PM::

  • 26. 9. Opera Barocca
  • 17. 10. Opera Barocca
  • 14. 11. Opera Barocca
  • 21. 11. Opera Barocca
  • 12. 12. Opera Barocca

Clam-Gallas palace

Husova 20
Czech Republic


00420 739 477 063
The Festival Opera Barocca is a unique project, the only one which presents early music, dance and singing in the authentic style, as they have been performed... read more


00420 739 477 063
Husova 20 Clam-Gallas palace
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic