Fifteenth Century Italian Court Dance

Sala Pinacoteca

Piazza del Comune – Assisi, Italy

taught by Chieko Ono

1-2 july 2017 (9:30-17)


With "Gloria et Malum" (Belreguardo-Micrologus) an original CD of fifteenth century Italian Court Dance music.
This work brings together research on historical dances and music and was
born from close collaboration between Chieko Ono, director of the ancient dance company Belreguardo and the ensemble Micrologus.

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Il Convivio Cultural Association & Belreguardo Italian Renaissance Dance Company




++39 348 3848819
Chieko ONO graduated in Japan and now lives in Assisi and Guardea. She directed many Italian 15th century dances in Italy and around Europe, USA and Japan. She... read more


+39 075 8043548 or +39 348 3848819
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