One of the most characteristic and most known in the world polish dances is the main character of the latest Cracovia Danza ballet production. The performance Poloneza czas zacząć (Let the polonaise begin) that show this dance history between 17th century and year 1918, will have it's premiere on the stage of Variete Theatre on 9th October 2018 at 7 pm.

Polonaise is basicly well known in Poland, mostly because it is danced at the opening of the official balls, even in school. However its long and fascinating history isn't commonly known. So that the performance will show various, interesting forms of this dance. We will see old-polish polonaise, which was on of the most court dances in the 17th and 18th centuries. In 19th century it was spread through the Europe and it opened great balls in Paris, Vienna and Petersburg. From this times dancers will present some salon and theatrical polonaises. The finale of the spectacle will take place in year 1918, when Poland restored independance.

The performance to the music e.g. of Thelemann, Ogiński and Moniuszko, will also show colorful Poland, whith its traditions, customs and heroes. Choreographies are based on historical sources.

The premiere of the spectacle is a part of the celebration of 100 years of Poland's independence and also of Cracovia Danza project #PolonezCracoviaDanza, by which the company promotes polonaise in Poland and abroad.

Admission free. Free tickets to get from 1st Otober in Variete Theatre ticket office and in InfoKraków Pawilon Wyspiańskiego. One person can get max. 2 tickets.

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