On the occasion of 100 anniversary of Poland independence Cracovia Danza Ballet prepared the premiere of spectacle Paderewski. The fantasy and the legend, which is a story of Ignacy Jan Paderewski, not only great pianist and composer, but also a statesman, who was an important person in the process of restoring Poland’s independence. The performance, showing life stages of celebrity pianist, is based on unpublished letters from Paderewski to his second wife, Helena Górska. ”Burn this letters Helenka” – he wrote. Luckily, she didn’t. This letters had been given to Jagiellonian University Institute of Musicology and are now kept in the treasury of Jagiellonian Library.

The music and dance performance will show the most important moments in artist’s life. There will be child joy, youthful longing, star’s auphoria and… Poland. All of it in the company of women – beautiful, attractive and smart – who played a huge role in the composer’s life.

Paderewski’s music is a great asset of the performance. It will be played by an outstanding pianist, fantastic interpreter, Adam Wodnicki. Music gives the right rhythm and mood to the danced story. At the same time, the cooperation of polish ballet with the pianist, who since 80. lives in USA, is a symbolic spotlight on the two countries, in which Paderewski lived and worked.

The premiere performance will take place on 12 November at 8 pm in ICE Kraków Congress Centre(theatrical hall). Tickets (40 PLN normal, 30 PLN reduced) to get in InfoKraków and at The day before, on 11 November, the performance will be shown in Przemyśl.

ICE Kraków Congress Centre


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