Pecour Academy - Baroque Dance in Paris - 1st Edition in 2023

NEW : Pecour Académy – Baroque Dance in Paris – 1st edition in 2023

Many of you have asked us : here is finally the announcement of the baroque dance academy that we are organizing at the end of August in Micadanses Paris (France). There is a strong demand for in-depth work on sources, repertoires and the challenges of putting them into practice. Advanced dancers often feel isolated in the different countries where they are located. We wish to give them the opportunity to come together in Paris and to progress in a favorable choreographic environment with Irène Feste, Hubert Hazebroucq and Guillaume Jablonka.

From Aug 26th 2023 to Sep 01st 2023

All the information on our dedicated web page :


Studio Micadanses

15 rue Geoffroy-l´Asnier
75004 Paris


His career as a dancer took him to the Ballet du Nord (Roubaix, France) where he met Jean Guizerix and Wilfride Piollet and then integrated their Barres... read more
HUBERT HAZEBROUCQ is a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher specialized in historical dances since 1998. He has performed with many Baroque and... read more
débute la danse à 3 ans. Elle obtient l’Examen d’Aptitudes Techniques de danse, puis le Diplôme d’Etat de professeur de danse classique. Elle s’est formée avec... read more


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