Baroque Dance Workshop - Advanced Level

The Furstemberg solo for a man : Divertimenty’s advanced courses with Guillaume Jablonka resurface after the pandemic. On the afternoon of the 11th, 12th and 13th of April, the next advanced workshop will take place in Asnières sur Seine (close to Paris, France).

Watch Guillaume Jablonka’s interpretation of Mr Feuillet’s entrée on the furstemberg air. The video is extracted from the danced concert Danzas para dos Reinas of the company La Floreta (dir Diana Campòo) and the ensemble Delirium Musica (dir Juan Portilla)




Conservatoire d'Asnieres sur Seine

4 rue de l'Eglise
92600 Asnieres sur Seine


His career as a dancer took him to the Ballet du Nord (Roubaix, France) where he met Jean Guizerix and Wilfride Piollet and then integrated their Barres... read more


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